Friday, May 13, 2016

Should We Be Skeptical of WESA?

Richard Lewis recently interviewed James Lampkin, vice president of pro gaming product and content at ESL, about WESA (World Esports Association). I would like to take some time to examine the statements made by Lampkin and cross reference them with information presented by key members of the eSports community. 

"We as organizers tried and were not successful at making it work with more than one organizer at the table" (James Lampkin).

I'm not sure which organizers were contacted when four major players in that business seem to have been left in the dark.

"So on the executive committee there are 5 members. Two from ESL, two team owners, and a commissioner. It was negotiated that way so that in the event of a decision we could not agree on, the commissioner would break the tie" (Lampkin).

So we have two votes that will always be the same (ESL), two votes that have the potential to differ (team owners), and a guy who wants this to be the next FIFA to break the tie just in case ESL does not get their way (commissioner).

"WESA represents the interests of players by including them in the decision making process" (Lampkin).

Players =/= team owners, who are the ones with the actual voting power. Furthermore, I find it alarming IF these "teams" are being paid large sums of money to take part in WESA. Why you have to pay people such large amounts of money to get on board with something entirely in their best interest is beyond me.

"That doesn’t mean we think there won’t be an external players union" (Lampkin).

Thanks for the warning, because judging from the current information available, a player union must come sooner rather than later. Be afraid boys, be very afraid.

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